About Us

Chello my BeQutifuL people!!
I started this online store as a lingerie company doing dropshipping but then I wanted to have different styles on hand as well. This brand is for women who was and still are self-conscious about their bodies, but it doesn't stop at lingerie- we will be adding tops, bottoms, and dresses for all sizes. We also have children clothing. I too didn't like how my body looked in certain things but I started thinking, if I don't love my body, how will anyone else. I want women to feel good about themselves but didn't have to pay an arm and leg looking good. Sometimes, us as women are our biggest enemies and critics but we also can be our biggest lovers too. Remember ladies, when you looking good, you feel good!
💖 If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how AMAZING you can be 💖
~Maya Angelou